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Water Retention

As much as 70% of the human body is made up of water, including organs, muscles, bones, cells and tissues. Our hormones, and hormone-like substances normally regulate water levels in the system that regularly flush fluids through the kidneys. Certain diseases and medical conditions can hamper this natural process, causing water to remain in the tissues. This can cause swelling in the extremities and even serious fluid build up around the heart.

Water Retention Supplements

Reasons We Retain Fluid

There are a number of reasons why our bodies retain water. When pressure inside the capillaries changes, or the walls become too leaky, fluid will build up in the tissues, not returning to the capillaries.

Lymphatic system-When too much fluid is released from the body’s lymphatic system, sometimes it cannot return it fast enough to the bloodstream which causes swelling in the abdomen and lower extremities.

Heart-The heart helps maintain pressure within the blood vessels. If it does not pump efficiently, major water retention may result. In addition to fluid build up in the legs, feet, and ankles, the lungs may fill with fluid, resulting in a chronic cough and breathing problems.

Kidneys-The body’s filtration system normally works to efficiently eliminate waste. In cases where blood flow to the kidneys is obstructed because of disease, or some type of damage, or if the outflow of urine is blocked then waste cannot be properly disposed of from the body.