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Digest + PROBIOTICS 30 caps - Enzymedica
Digest + PROBIOTICS 30 Count Capsules - Enzymedica 670480130407

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    Digest + PROBIOTICS provides a high potency blend of digestive enzymes and probiotics to promote regularity and optimal digestion of larger meals. Offering convenience and flexible dosage, Digest + PROBIOTICS will deliver 1.2 billion CFU's of active probiotics per day when taken with each meal. (3 times daily)

    Proper digestion is critical to maintaining a healthy intestinal environment. Digestive enzymes help break down the foods we eat providing nutrients and energy for our own cells, as well as the beneficial organisms (probiotics}, which flourish in our intestine. Combining enzymes and probiotics provides complete digestive care in the convenience of a single dose.

    Digest + PROBIOTICS
    combines Enzymedica's highly effective and popular Digest(TM) formula with guaranteed potency probiotics.

    Digestive enzymes help turn the food we eat into energy and unlock this energy for use in the body. When the digestive process is disturbed due to low enzyme activity, protein putrefies, fats turn rancid and carbohydrates ferment. These undigested food particles may create a toxic environment. Poor digestion can also manifest as energy loss and weakened immunity. Supplementing with a high potency, plant-based enzyme formula with probiotics may aid in supporting immune function and increasing energy.

    The high potency enzymes in Digest + PROBIOTICS provide complete support for breaking down a meal, enhancing nutrient absorption and decreasing occasional gas and bloating.* The formula utilizes Enzymedica's exclusive Thera-blendTM process for the enzymes protease, lipase, amylase and cellulose. These enzymes are able to work in a broad pH range and have the ability to break down more bonds. This means that they work longer in the body and have the ability to break down more protein, fats and carbohydrates than single enzyme products.

    Recommended Usage

    Take 1 capsule at the beginning of each meal. When taken 3 times daily, an individual receives 1.2 Billion CFU's of beneficial probiotics. More may be taken if needed.

    Probiotics Promote Intestinal Wellness

    Enzymes and probiotics work together to reduce stress to the entire digestive tract. Enzymes assist in the proper and efficient digestion of food. This, in turn, provides a ripe environment for probiotics to colonize. Probiotics support the microflora which reside in our digestive tract. Unlike enzymes which are molecules, probiotics are living organisms.

    Probiotics can multiply and colonize the intestinal tract. Once there, they support regularity, support the immune system, produce vitamins like B and K and fuel our digestion through their production of enzymes, including lactase, protease and amylase.* The enzymes made by the flora work synergistically with our own inherent enzymes to support optimal wellbeing and digestive health.*

    The 8 strains of beneficial bacteria in Digest + PROBIOTICS include Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS-1. By producing vast quantities of the enzyme lactase, Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS-1 can help address digestive difficulty due to lactose intolerance. This specific probiotic strain is beneficial for individuals experiencing occasional gas, bloating and constipation, making it a perfect complement to the digestive enzymes in the formula.* DDS-1 is also proven to survive transit through the stomach delivering optimal benefit.* Enzymedica guarantees the potency of this blend for shelf stability.

    Taken with each meal (3 times daily), Digest +PROBIOTICS may support optimal digestion with high potency enzymes and conveniently deliver 1.2 Billion CFU's of active probiotics.* All of Enzymedica's products are 100% vegetarian and contain no fillers.

    • Promote regularity
    • Digestive support for larger meals
    • Easy to swallow capsule
    Suggested Use
    30 Caps

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