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Bladder & Urinary Health

A healthy bladder and urinary tract depend on an environment free from excessive germs and bacteria, (often transferred from other areas of the body, or outside sources). Once these germs enter the urinary tract through the urethra they begin to multiply rapidly, causing pain and discomfort to an individual. While bladder and urinary tract infections are extremely common in women, they are less likely to occur in younger males. Once men reach age 50 however, UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections) become more common.

Common causes for women may include:

Loss of estrogen after menopause
Sexual intercourse (bacteria may be transferred through the urethra)
Use of a diaphragm for purposes of birth control
Wiping back to front after a bowel movement

Common causes for both men and women may include:

Holding urine in the bladder too long. As urine remains in the bladder bacteria builds up.
Inability to completely empty the bladder, as in the case of a kidney stone.
Diabetes-this makes it difficult to fight infection.
Compromised immune system through other medical conditions or treatments.
Recent or recurring catheterization makes the body vulnerable to infection through bacteria on the equipment and exposure of the urethra.

Supplements for Support

Natural supplements encourage a healthy environment in both the urinary tract and bladder making it difficult for bacteria to sustain growth and infection to take hold. Other products support overall prostate health and bladder strength in men, and candida growth in women, linked to positive urinary tract health.